Love Classical music and I’m black

Lithonia, GA.

It’s very tiring an disappointing to hear many in my community say to me “You like white people stuff”. I would like to know exactly what’s classified as “White people stuff”. Since when did enjoying a good Opera or visiting the local symphony considered something only expected or FOR one race of people. What’s considered “Black people stuff”? I love who I am and love that I embrace all genres of life. Simply put I like “PEOPLE STUFF”.

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6 Responses to "Love Classical music and I’m black"
  1. barry irving says:


    • Audrey Fischer says:

      I’ve never been to an opera or a Symphony and have no interest in doing so. How is it promised for white people?

      • barry irving says:

        …go to any Opera…there will be a sea of White faces in the audience and a sea of White faces in the orquestra…a little pepper here and there.

      • barry irving says:

        …wait, are you saying that you have never been, therefore it can’t be promised?,,,maybe you’re culturally deprived!

  2. Casey Kelley says:

    I think it’s very educated and informed that you embrace all music.

    • barry irving says:

      …listening to Classical music is “said” to be sophisticated and intelligent activity by those who play it, support it and promote it. What one may call sophisticated may be due to cultural bias or self implied the term White…an old, ingrained social construct.

      …Traditional African and Indian Folk music music for instance, is Classical music complete with a historical narrative…musicologists know that it’s all Classical, but how many are Musicologists?

      …listening to Classical music means nothing more than the fact that it is compatible with your audio sensibilities and your central nervous system. Not every one who listens to Classical is intelligent and cultured. The Theater is also a place where people of little education and substantial finances and family connections go to pick up on rich spinsters…or some other salacious personal business that has nothing to do with being intelligent or cultured.

      …history says that Europe’s String tradition was substantially influenced by Age old Traditional African String Instruments like the Kora…a four to many stringed Harp like Instrument. The Balafon is the fore runner of the Xylophone.

      …these are no crude bush instruments. They come from traditions of master makers and players who groom the young to play the tradition. The Balafon is made of wood, animal hide and gourds, yet it is an incredibly sophisticated bit of technology. Generational standards of playing and instrument making…just like the Stradivarius.

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