Love everyone, trust few, hurt nobody.

image4 (2)Fess Makame Justice,
Oakland, CA.

This is a quote by Shakespeare who helped organize the Bible.

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3 Responses to "Love everyone, trust few, hurt nobody."
  1. barry irving says:

    ..the Bible was one foundation for the support of Slavery. We were mass baptized in Lakes and Rivers to be worthy of being Slaves. To Love everyone is altruistic naivety…trust who you see and understand as transparent…hurt no one who does not hurt you!…we come from a tradition of Protest against inequality and hate…that’s why you look so at home in that picture…it took work and blood!..

    …any stains on your hands?

    • You clearly don’t understand the Bible. It was misused, because it does not support slavery.

      • barry irving says:

        …Christianity was forced upon the African Slave population and conversion – (Baptism) “was” part of the indoctrination. You don’t know me so you have no idea what I understand!

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