Love white people, hate white privilege

Vallejo, CA.

I love my Caucasian brothers and sisters I just HATE the institutions in which racism is embedded in.

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10 Responses to "Love white people, hate white privilege"
  1. Steel says:

    I am admittedly a racist. But that doesn’t mean I hate non-Whites. I especially am fond of Asian people and they have superiority over Whites in some areas. However, When one looks at the accomplishments and the societies Whites have built and the fact that virtually EVERY single major invention in the past 400 years have come from Whites you cannot tell me that we are not superior in so many fields. Blacks in sub Saharan Africa have an average IQ of 67 whereas the so called “dumb” Polish have an average IQ of 105. There has never been a single Black Nobel prize winner in any field of science but Whites have completely dominated in all the sciences. Its not White privilege its White genius.

  2. Playa Hater says:

    I don´t hate white people but definately not love them either, i just treat people the way i want to be treated, many want me to feel bad for actions of some blacks but I have already refused to do so, i have nothing to apologize for.

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