Managed education despite resistance. Still uncertified.

Starbucks-HeadshotSunny G. Sampson,
Albuquerque, NM.

I managed to obtain one degree, still paying for it. Have attempted two other degrees. The debt and the education happened, but the piece of paper eluded me. In one case because of direct racism, accused of cheating because I had a 3.6GPA. In both, economic difficulties did me in. The result I am the most education person I know working for 13 dollars an hour.

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  • barry irving

    …I doubt that you can just be penalized for cheating without evidence..was there any?…if not, you should have fought it!

    • barry irving

      …there is also a debt forgiveness / reduction program from the Obama administration…you should look into it before it’s too late!


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