Martin Luther King, Jr. Shot. Applause

08-24-2007-102821amBruce H. Weik,
Hot Springs, AR.

I was attending Northern Illinois University. Everyone on dorm floor applauded. It was on my birthday, April 4, 1968. I packed and left that day.

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2 Responses to "Martin Luther King, Jr. Shot. Applause"
  1. olblue9 says:

    Yeah, I remember the cheers when MLK, RFK, and George Wallace were shot, the OJ Simpson verdict, and when our troops bombed Bagdad. I do not feel that it is my job to educate these people on how to behave towards people different than them. We can better lead by example. If I turn my back on these types of people, who will offer them a balanced different point of view?

  2. It still amazes me that there are, were and will be people like that.

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