A “melting-pot” of my past & future.

Holly Sandman,
Ione, CA.

I’ve been learning a lot about my ancestors and their immigration into America. I am Irish. I am Scottish. I am Dutch. I am German. I am Swedish, and these are only the ones I have identified so far. I am a melting pot of ancestors and struggles and successes. But I am here, and I want to do something positive with my time on this Earth. I have children, and they will carry my melting pot of history with them, along with that of their father, who brings to the table more German, and Greek. So how do I identify with a generic term of “white”. It’s not that simple, yet I do want to honor my heritage such as it is. I want to honor that the Irish were discriminated against when they first immigrated, yet they stayed and fought for their place here, as did many other immigrants. I don’t think any one race or nationality is better than any other. We all bring to the table unique histories and contributions. We all have the ability to love each other and lift each other up and encourage one another as fellow humans. That is the legacy I hope to leave my children. One of service to each other in wanting this world to be a better place because we were all in it.
Thank you for reading.

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