Messianic Jew Yogi? Pick one fool!

DCIM101SPORTSigne Wendt,
Austin, TX.

Jewish by heritage when I began to worship Jesus I was told I was no longer Jewish and I had to pick one.Now I try to connect Christians to their faith as a yoga teacher and I am not sure who is more uncomfortable with that. Yogis (at least in Austin) seem very dismissive of Christianity and so many Christians I meet think yoga is “from the devil”. Some of my more conservative friends don’t believe I can follow Christ and share yoga some of my liberal friends roll their eyes at the mention of Christ. But I am here to say, no I don’t have to “pick one”. I am my own spiritual soup and I hope you are too

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One Response to "Messianic Jew Yogi? Pick one fool!"
  1. Yoga is Hinduism… but whatever. Can’t reason with some people these days, why waste my time.

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