Middle-school fight, brown punished, not white

Tonia Torrence
Salt Lake City, UT

My six words are based on experience as a mediator for the juvenile Victim/Offender mediation program for the Salt Lake Courts.

Schoolgirl fight, brown punished, not white or

Middle-school fight, brown punished, not white

Two middle-school girls were in the mediation with their mothers. The blond white girl had been deemed the victim and the Latina girl deemed the offender, by school officials and police. I’d heard both their stories.

I verbally summarized. You both pushed and shoved on the bus. You both pulled hair and hit the other in the hall by the lockers.

“So, why do think she’s in trouble and you’re not”. I said, to the white girl.
“I don’t know we’re both at fault”, she replied.

This situation, and the girl’s straightforward honest answer, tells the same story acted out daily in our schools, unfortunately.

Both girls told the other they were sorry and the mother of the “victim” gave the other mother a pair of movie tickets with a verbal apology

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  1. Jen says:

    It’s interesting that the children knew they were both at fault yet the school officials were so quick to label “offender” and “victim” because of skin color. Children are born into this world with nothing but love in their hearts. It’s sad to say but It is society that teaches hate/discrimination to our children.

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