Mom raising open-minded kids in suburbs

Herndon, VA

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3 Responses to "Mom raising open-minded kids in suburbs"
  1. Andre Payne says:

    I’m from the city but I couldn’t even imagine growing up in the suburbs. I think this comment has a lot to do with the fact that the suburban neighborhoods can be exclusive to certain to people. And for a kid it could be tough to not hold prejudice against people they don’t see in their everyday environment.

  2. Brooke Cater. :) says:

    Moving to the suburbs was probably difficult because the suburbs may have been a mostly Caucasian neighborhood. Making she/he feel as if they didn’t belong.

  3. Destiny R says:

    Nice statement. When living in the suburbs you sometimes don’t get enough exposure to Black Kids and when you are black and live in the suburbs you can sometimes feel like an outcast.

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