Mom, why do they hate us?

IMG_1241-2Theresa Salomon,
Parkland, FL.

A few months ago, as my 7 year old son was about to seat next to a class mate, he was told that Blacks should stay on the other side. That sentence changed our lives. My son and I had many conversations about racisms, and throughout I was able to redirect, comfort, joke, explain…but when he asked me “Mom why do they hate us?” I was not sure of how nor what to answer. I am raising my son to be of the Human race and I hope to never drift from that course ever again.

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  • Courtney

    I’m sorry you and your son had to go through that. I wish you and your family a world devoid of such irrational hatred.

  • moot

    i can think of a reason or two

  • Nick Digger

    Here are some reasons:

    Blacks make up around 13% of America’s people, yet occupy 50% of prisons.

    Blacks represent 40% of welfare recipients, and are 7 times as likely to murder as whites are. Source: The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports (UCR).

    The Chicago Police Report of 2009 found that blacks make up 75% of the murder, 68% of the rape and aggravated assault, and 85.2% of the robberies in all of Chicago.

    • Richard Goldenberg

      Those statistics are phony, they don’t consider that african americans have a harder life.

    • Not a Jidf agent

      Oi gevalt!

    • noire

      yeah and blacks also get a longer sentence for the same crime as a white dude.

      • Guest

        Then why do they commit so many more crimes, as explained in the post?

        • Hasheem

          Oppression, no way out maybe?
          Maybe because to be an accepted member you have to act ‘white’. What if I want to act black? But maybe that’s a stretch

  • katie

    ” I am raising my son to be of the Human race and I hope to never drift from that course ever again.”
    What race were you raising him as before? Maybe that was the reason for the “life changing” comment.

  • katie

    BTW, just tell your kid to keep his paws off my bike, and we’re cool.


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