Mommy why do they hate me?

Carolyn Fuller
San Antonio, TX

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11 Responses to "Mommy why do they hate me?"
  1. Jerome Tidewater says:

    Because you are in this country illegally!  You are a criminal! 

  2. Benny Falcon says:

    We are all in this country illegally ! Unless of course you are Native American.  Ok I forgot we bought Manhattan for a bags of beads.  What a disgrace!

    • Stephenemason says:

        That sentiment stinks out loud. I was born here. And the Indians snuck in over the Bering Straight and exterminated other Indians. The Apache-Navaho only arrived in the lower 48 at the same time Columbus made landfall, raping and pillaging. Who says the Navajo own all of Arizona, or the Hopi either? Does the Iriqouis nation get to claim all the land east of the Mississippi?

         Don’t ever tell me that I am in this country illegally again, a-hole.

  3. Michael Sawyer49 says:

    ‘Cracker’ who grew up in a neighborhood where white boys were few. I undestand the feeling…

  4. Caron says:

    My 5yr old came home from school during Black History month and asked me why are all the white people are mean to the black people.  I was livid, my son never noticed before the school told him that, that there could be problems between blacks and whites. I have gone out of my way to make sure my children see everyone equal, if one of them asked me why someone looks different  I always said God likes a variety of different people to make life more interesting just like a mixed flower arrangement is more interesting then one that is all the same flower (I use this too when they have noticed someone is disabled somehow).  His Aunt Alicia (my best friend from JH) is black and he has never even questioned how he has a black lady he calls aunt and our children play together, they have never asked about it before.  Suddenly, (because he worries a lot/hes slightly autistic and OCD) he was upset and stressed out, he thought the film they had showed him was happening right now. They had showed kindergarteners a black and white film from the 60s about Civil Rights the kind with the police, dogs, water being sprayed on blacks and whites protesting segregation; that is not a subject you show to kids at that age they don’t understand it, it just upsets them.  That age is when you teach them about love and acceptance not seperation.  I had to go up to the school and complain about it, it was a white teacher who thought he was doing his part to educate about injustices to 5yr olds.  I told them thanks a lot for showing my son that people could hate each other based on skin color (it wasn’t even an idea he could comperhend before). I also did not appreciate them teaching my son to feel bad about who he is as a person, it took weeks of explaining and reassurance for him to calm down. Hes 7 now and his 5yr old brother came home last year in prek saying he wanted to be brown because MLK was brown and he was a great person.  I asked him if he teacher had talked about any other people at school that were great people, he said no.  I asked again because I wanted to clarify before I went up to the school and complained, so for this whole year as long as you have been in her class shes never talked about any other person black, white, or another color as being a great person? He said no, his teacher said MLK was her idol.  I too think hes a great person, I choose for my American history final paper in college to do it on him so I have studied him really deaply it was one of the longest most indept paper I have ever done, but I have a problem when the teacher only teaches about one person to a point my kid wants to change his skin color.  I want all children to be able to feel good about who they are.  If she was going to introduce historical people to 4 & 5yr olds she needs to have a balance of people not just talk about her personal idol. My kids go to a mainly black school I didn’t have a problem with it because I grew up in the area and also went to these schools and I think it is good as a child to be around other races so they see them as normal and its not a shock the first time they meet someone of a different race. I didn’t realize until I went to college, that it was normal for blacks to segregate themselves away from whites when I was trying to befriend new people and they were like why is the crazy white girl trying to talk to us.  My best friend explained that a lot of blacks don’t trust whites is why.  I think that only makes the problem worse and why white people don’t know a lot about blacks and get uncomfortable.  Any how, we are considering home schooling our kids now so they don’t have to learn to feel bad about themselves, I will cover all great men and women of history no matter their skin color and the kids they will play with will be mainly my best friends kids and the neighbors a pretty diversified group so I am not worried about them not being used to different kinds of people. I just find it sad that it has come down to this in our educational system, we’ve gone from one extreme to the other.

    • Bowlesm says:

      Reminds me of the “Crayon Song” we were taught in church… Red and yellow, black and white they are precious in His sight….. Good intentions but at the age of 4, the teacher had to take the time to explain that Frank was black, You are white, well yellow means Chinese (“are they really yellow?”) well kind of but not really….. who was red? well that would be Indians (“are they RED?”) no not really, we just call them Red… well because they are Indians;  I was quite confused at that point. Even today I cringe when I think of someone being RED or YELLOW or any other “Crayon”. Even Frank was not all that “Black”, I thought…. but I did not want to hear any more from the “Teacher”… who was herself not all that “White”, but kind of Pinkish – Blue (for which I had no Crayon of that color).

  5. Sassyclassy55 says:

    Those who hate you hate themselves for many reasons.  None of which is caused by you.  There lack of self-esteem is manifested by their hatred of others

  6. Heather O. says:

    The six words that makes the heart of every parent skip a beat.

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