Money owed sharecropper parents, Ohlendolf, Farm

Gladys Pressley
Ann Arbor, MI

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One Response to "Money owed sharecropper parents, Ohlendolf, Farm"
  1. Dracu says:

    My paternal grandfather was a “Sluga” or “slave to the land” in the Eastern European country where he emigrated from. Even after he got to America, some of the native born people here poked fun at him and verbally abused him and other men like him for years. The only problem with sharecropping, from my perspective, is that a family would take one step forward…and then get pushed back five steps, as a result of the weather, price of seed, lack of farm equipment, or the insensitive demands of the land owner. Still….you should be proud of the accomplishments and obstacles your parents had to deal with.

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