I am Muslim; I’m not a terrorist.

10534645_10201611259003325_6518301821630126762_nIreen Sultana,
York, PA.

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One Response to "I am Muslim; I’m not a terrorist."
  1. barry irving says:

    ..in America, the European population particularly does not understand or respect that…social ignorance, Christian ignorance, American fear and intolerance. The expect you to come here…renounce your faith and culture, call yourself “only American” and then rail against Extremists at any cost…quite absurd.

    …I guess being in America with all of it’s hypocrisy, racism and false social constructs it supposed to be better than having an authentic identity and faith.

    …Most Americans would appreciate it if you dropped the traditional garb…showed some skin and married a White man, thew you could easily pass for a White American…they call that a viable solution to “your’ problem…it’s better to be White!

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