My Daughter, I’m not her nanny

C. Fleming
New York, NY

I am Jamaican-American (black) and my Fiance is white. Somehow even in a place as mixed as NY people generally assume that I am the nanny since my daughter turned out to be very fair-skinned. I think the thing that saddened me the most is seeing the way that many black women respond when they see me and my baby girl out together. They generally look away or whisper amongst themselves. I’ve had some comment to me that, “Her daddy is white, huh?” and then have nothing more to say after that. White people think I’m the help, Black people think I’m a traitor.

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7 Responses to "My Daughter, I’m not her nanny"
  1. AnotherMomMistakenForTheHelp says:

    I feel for you. I am a Latina with medium to dark features and my daughter has the blue eyes and fair skin of her Anglo father (we are divorced). Despite my PhD and middle class wardrobe, I was still often treated asked if I was the nanny, whose child I had with me, or one more than one occasion if I “stole” her.

    • BlkQueen says:

      “middle class wardrobe and phd” lol u think ASSimilating gonna get you accepted into their communities? lol hell naw, you still “the help” walking around with a kid who look total opposite of who you are: Melanin. Latina = Melanin. White = Recessive. Pathetic how much people black out being white washed. I would feel stupid everytime I turned to look at my kid who dont look s**t like me.

      • Renee says:

        Go away or change your display name. Your comments are unwarranted and just instill hateful feelings about black people. Making the rest of us look bad. Not every black person feels like you do. Minorities are not “selling out” by making better lives for themselves. Maybe you’re the sell out. You’re taking what blacks worked hard for and spitting it back in their faces. Ignorance. Racism. Not exactly the world Dr. King imagined.

  2. BlkQueen says:

    We dont THINK you are, YOU ARE. You are ain’t you? The British brutally eliminated many Jamaicans in Jamaica that’s why what your native language you don’t even know. You speak a dilect of English, dont you? Thought so. Everytime we look at you and your “baby girl” you know what we think? Her baby daddy may b a white wigger and it’s a damn shame she wanted a baby who don’t even fully resemble her. ya herd?

    • Renee says:

      Go away! Rude, backwards thinking, ignorant buffoon. If you haven’t noticed, mixed children are on the rise. Black women don’t want to stick with black men or have found true love in another race. With a third of the black male population behind bars, I know I won’t be waiting for any of them. So what she’s with a white dude? You probably mad cause you still hangin’ with Pookie or Slim down at the Welfare line. Or better yet, no man wants to date your fugly, ratchet behind. Just another hater among a growing number.

  3. BlkQueen says:

    you can’t blame nothing else but your race dictatorship on any media outlet. the reason we think she the help and give her dirty looks because what the hell is she doing? Racism- oppression of all people of color, is the white mans cure and its sad it don’t teach people like you wife nothing. shes a sell out. Hope she’s more modern than indigenous

  4. Ash says:

    Always amazes me when black people look down on interracial dating/marriage even though black men are the main perpetrators! People need to get over themselves, like their ish don’t stink. You do you girl! Your baby is probably adorable!

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