My generation should know better

Ann Marie

I didn’t understand how much racism still existed in America until I moved to Missouri for college. As a white female, second year college student and only 19 years old, I am absolutely disgusted with the racial slurs I still hear today.

Coming from San Diego, I grew up with Latino friends all my life and I am still dating the black man that I met in my high school college algebra class 4 years ago. I grew up in a nonjudgmental environment where “race” was never a factor in my life. As you can probably already guess, moving to the mid-west was a bit of a culture shock.

The ignorance that still lives on in my generation disgusts me and I cringe every time I hear a judgmental slur about someones skin color. Whether they are joking or not, I still do not understand why those thoughts even pop up in their minds. We have been taught about the negative effects of segregation and discrimination all our lives, but somehow the people in my generation haven’t learned from the mistakes that were made 50 years ago.

Thank you all for your stories; your words are very encouraging. I hope to see the day when we finally make Martin Luther King, Jr. proud and live in a place of racial equality.

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  1. Katie says:

    I could not agree more. In today’s day and age, some people are raised with the constant pressure from their parents and piers to join in their racist attitudes. It seems to be ingrained in their minds as socially acceptable from the moment of birth. I find it quite embarassing and pathetic to be honest.

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