My great great Grandfather saved you!

Michael Smith
Waco, TX

I am sick and tired of being called a racist because I am a white, young, male. My great great Grandfather fought for the union to help free the slaves and keep the US from splitting, so I don’t owe you jack. If anything, you owe my family a gratitude of thanks and maybe a cup of coffee.

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5 Responses to "My great great Grandfather saved you!"
  1. Lorena says:

    Are the people you are talking about, are they hoodrats? Maybe that’s why.

  2. berni says:

    racism did not end with slavery.

  3. Everett Wilde says:

    Michael – I hope you’ll talk to more folks and come around to understanding that racism didn’t remotely end with slavery. In fact, slavery didn’t end with slavery in some cases. Being a white guy also, I understand it’s tough feeling like people are saddling us with past sins. But come on man, you have to know that however much we as a society have tried for equality, we’re not exactly there. Sure racism today usually plays out more subtly than decades or centuries ago. And we white guys aren’t responsible for our ancestors bigotry. But we are responsible for understanding the privilege that comes with being white. Can you really truly say you think there’s no privilege with it? It’s about power and who has it. Mostly it’s people with money, right? But then you have to look at who has most of the money. No, not all white people. But mostly. Suddenly race and class are all tied up! Anyway, I hope you find some folks to talk to in person. Cause you sound angry bro. And believe me, understanding and acknowledging power and privilege is what allows us to be anti-racist – and it allows us to be a lot more chill about it all too! 🙂 Stating “I’m not racist” misses the point, and leaves you defensive and unable to fight racism. Peace.

  4. Everett Wilde says:

    Sorry, forgot to say try reading something by Tim Wise, a white dude who has some good eloquent things to say about all this. Google him.

  5. GlitterGirl says:

    I see your point, I am white, but my Great, great great great grandfather served in the civil war in the Colored Troops. He was a sgt for the union. and died while serving. and today I am called a racist because I am not a democrat…

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