My kids, white, have better chances.

Burke Willis
Austin, TX

It’s not guilt. It’s not gloating. And it’s not just. It just is. For every white kid in the USA.

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9 Responses to "My kids, white, have better chances."
  1. marget says:

    Not so. My above-average intelligence white son was often overlooked for a minority who didn’t study but had a free ride at the university.

    • Matt says:

      Really Margret? That’s interesting because first of all statistics prove that White women have benefited from Affirmative-Action more so than any other demographic. Secondly, if your child wasn’t afforded a spot because of Affirmative Action they wouldn’t be notified that that was the reason. So perhaps maybe your son just wasn’t good enough. Maybe that minority didn’t study because they didn’t have to because they were just naturally more intelligent than your son? You see this is the kind of crap that goes on in today’s America. People proclaim that only Black people use “The race card.” Yet, I see crap like this all the time. Like how I “didn’t deserve to get into college” over my mother’s friend’s son. Well, while I went off to college and finished in 4 years flat Magna Cum Laude he dropped out after 2. But clearly I was only accepted because I was a minority right?

      • marget says:

        My son was and is a straight A student. You sound very hostile. I’m not saying you were only accepted because you are a minority (I didn’t know that!). I’m saying there is a large percentage of minority “students” who aren’t students at all, rarely come to class, show up with an attitude, known for their partying, you get the picture.

        • Annie says:

          “a large percentage of minority students”? Where did you get this percentage? A large percentage of students period do this. I honestly don’t know where this impression comes from that these are mainly minority students – because they’re not. I’d be very interested in seeing any data you have on this.

          • marget says:

            I don’t have any figures on SIU-Carbondale and i will admit that frustration was speaking. I am sorry for the negativity I stirred up.

          • Annie says:

            I feel like this is one of objectives of the race card project: to let people express their feelings about a subject that isn’t a commen coffe table topic. Yes, you stirred up feelings, but then we all reflected on it. And thank you for admitting that this was motivated in part by frustration – many people would not have volunteered that information and it takes a lot to respond to a comment online. Many people feel the same as you do about affirmative action, but just turn around an walk away when someone challenges their view. Thank you for being open.

  2. Guest says:

    Oh marget… It’s reading comments like this that make me so sad and upset. How “often” has your child been “overlooked”? Take school out of the equation- Has he been stopped and frisked? Has he ever been questioned by the police because he “seemed suspicious” (read: is a minority)? Has he ever walked into into an elevator only to have all of the women present clench their purses, for no reason? When he applies to jobs, do you think his application gets turned down because his name “sounds” black/Latino/Asian (wait- that happens???)? Yes, the fact that your son is white will make his life so much harder… It’s a shame that “minorities who don’t study” have it so easy…

    • Kane says:

      “Has he ever walked into into an elevator only to have all of the women present clench their purses, for no reason?”

      Stupid women, thinking Black men are going to attack them. They seem to think that Blacks are more likely to be criminals than Whites. Where do they come up with these ridiculous delusions?

  3. Dystopia 2040 says:

    I feel sorry for your children.

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