My spouse is a black man

DSCF0387Thomas C. Hofstra,
Los Angeles, CA.

My spouses six words are “I try to understand our world”

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2 Responses to "My spouse is a black man"
  1. christopherallen says:

    This is encouraging to see. My partner and I are an interracial, intergenerational, gay couple pushing five years now. We are also engaged! He doesn’t care, but as a minority, i’m naturally aware of how others perceive and treat us. Treatment is normally a non-issue but people are brought to a pause when they learn that I’m not his adopted son nor have I been kidnapped. It really doesn’t help that due to good genes and maintenance I look about half my age! I think the LGBT community has the greatest potential to illustrate to the world what love really looks like. Best of luck to you two!

  2. Truth seeker says:

    Congrats to you 2 for gay marriage being legal in all states. This world we live in is waaaaaaaaay old school.

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