My name is Eve, not Eva.

37807_423231068255_964157_nEve Lopez,
Arcata, CA.

When I tell people my name, they don’t hear it. They hear “Eva,” because of the “a” that is often at the end of Latina first names. This only happens with white people. And even after I’ve met someone multiple times, sometimes they will still call me “Eva” when they see me again. I like the name “Eva,” but it’s not my name.

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  1. Kristin Gierman says:

    I went through a phase where I wrote my name as Kristina Giermann on all of my papers my junior year in college. I wanted to show that I was a person equally proud of my Colombian and German heritage. My mother often called me Kristina, especially when she was mad. The double n was eliminated from my last name, three generations ago, to call less attention to it. Now, I’m just plain old Kristin Gierman, my birth name, and equally proud, just because it is who I am and no one else.

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