Newspaper says ‘Black youths’ not ‘kids.’

Elizabeth Cook
Pittsburgh, PA

A white female with all minority students and friends, I am saddened and disgusted that race bias permeates every facet of our culture. What we think of as American culture is actually white culture, and others who challenge it are seen as complainers. Why is BET the only place on TV where you see people of color? Wouldn’t you challenge our ‘color blind’ culture if your family was once property and people were scared to walk on the same sidewalk as you?

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  1. Amara says:

    I agree so much with your first two sentences although in a different context.

    I was very happy and excited when I discovered after my mother died, that I did indeed have Native American ancestors. I always had a feeling it was true, though it was hidden in our family and my mother actually denied it in her last years. I began investigating. Went to some cultural events and ceremonies. So very beautiful. Tried to share them with my Episcopalian minister at the church I have been very involved with the past few years, I am on vestry. (my father is of English origin) The minister ignored my requests to get together to discuss the wonderful sameness I saw. I let him know that I had some questions, and since he was the minister wouldn’t he speak with me about them. He continued to ignore, avoid and dodge me. At first I was giving him the benefit of doubt, maybe he’s busy, didn’t see my email etc. I was gradually becoming hurt and angry the longer this went on. I was becoming astounded at the narrow-mindedness. Ultimately I became the “complainer” and in this day and age, in the good old USA- I was told not to question. I was a pariah. By a small group of white middle-class people whom I have been hanging around with for 3-4yrs! People I have been friendly with were eye-averting. Very disappointing and hurtful. Good to know what people are really about though. And not everyone, but the minister of a church is a representative of what/who your church is… so I don’t know anymore about it there.

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