No one is born being racist.

Ashton Aikens
Columbus, OH

Have you ever noticed the racism is a learned behavior. Think about it if your raised and see everyone being treated the same and never look at a person’s skin this is how you view the world, were as if your shown that a person with a.different skin tone is inferior than you might believe this. As a child the lessons we are taught trend to stick with you for life. Why is out that as a child you will pay with any kid without ever putting any thought into it but as we grow we start to exclude those who you consider different be it due to race, faith, ect.

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9 Responses to "No one is born being racist."
  1. Robert says:

    As I often say: “I wasn’t born racist. They made me racist!”

  2. olblue9 says:

    Growing up in rural deep south I was taught to be polite to all people. But I do remember white kids who were bullies to all races, not just black or brown. They were taught to be bullies from an early age. If they found a perceived weakness in a person, they exploited that trait. Later on, when we were all bused into the city during forced desegregation, many of the black city kids hated all of us rural kids because we were white. They labeled my black friends as “uncle Tom’s” because we got along. Just like the rural bullies; these city bullies were raised to exploit differences.

  3. Grace Joo (CRJ 117) says:

    Awesome statement. This is definitely a learned trait. You stated correctly. Racism is a learned behavior

  4. Dracu says:

    While it is true that what we learn as children follows us throughout life, we are not necessarily doomed to wallow in the same ignorance and bigotry as our parents. As we mature, we are given many opportunities to learn and think logically about what is right and just…and what is fair and equal. We also have numerous opportunities in this country, as adults, to decide for ourselves how we should treat other people who look different…talk differently or think differently than ourselves. What is important to our parents might not be worth a second thought to us. What is taboo for our family might be our own exercise in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The bottom line is what is each of us willing to live with and tolerate in the overall scheme of things.

  5. Zakia says:

    I agree that racism is a learned behavior to an extent and unfortunately it starts at a very young age. My little sister is only seven and I’m already beginning to see that from her. Not saying that she makes racist comments about someone’s skin color but she has begun to classify people as different or not being the same as her. Sometimes I ask her if she has a best friend in school and she would say “no because no one looks like me”.
    However, I think the part about “excluding those that are different” can be a part of human nature. We tend to feel comfortable and safe around those who look like us and share the same values, morals, and beliefs. We have seen this trend from time to time. For example, different tribes in the early days did not associate with one another, they prefered being surrounded by their group members only. Now this is not an excuse for being racist, if children are really truely picking up this behavior from (school, peers, family, religious institution etc.) then all we can do is teach and show them that this behavior unacceptable.

  6. Steven says:

    I can defiantly agree with this because children’s thoughts are based on the thoughts of their parents, family members, peers, media, etc. It is sadly the way the dice rolls, however this doesn’t mean change cant happen. It actually can, children should be taught to think critically at a young age in order to question “why”? It is necessary for adults to teach this strategy at an early age that way their children can grow up fending for themselves and questioning everything that is told to them.

  7. cerocer says:

    I agree – no one is born a racist. HOWEVER, I’ve seen the racist card played when facts have been stated about non whites. Me, I’m prejudice against people who commit violent crimes, which majority happen to be committed by non whites in my country.

  8. Pierre Casey says:

    I have been looking for something that proves that no one is born racist and this has proved nothing. In order to determine if someone is born racist, they must be put in neutral environment and then see how they react to another race. All you have shown is that people can be influenced at an early age to be racist or not, but you have not shown that they were not already racist.

    • imeneguemar says:

      There have been studies conducted on feral children, but not specific to the topic of racism. However we can still use the studies to gain some valuable insight regarding conditioned behaviour. Since these children grew up with wolves, they do not categorize other living things on the basis of (essentially meaningless) characteristics such as skin colour, etc. To me this goes to show that yes, racism is taught, and is apparent only with our species. My research regarding this subject is relatively futile, however I’ve formed this opinion (and I encourage anybody to refute what I am saying provided they shed some light on the matter) on the basis of intuitive understanding. I hope this helped & if not, sorry for taking your time

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