No such thing as ‘White Privilege’

Surprise, AZ.

Being white isn’t a luxury.
Being white can be a burden. What I mean is. People automatically assume I am raciest based off of my skin color.
By law, companies have to hire a certain amount of minorities, so by that fact alone, white people get overlooked because companies already have enough white people. Being white and looking for a job isn’t easy. White people don’t get jobs often because they are white.
If there was such a thing as ‘white privilege’ other races would never get a job, and there would be no white homeless, no white people jobless, but that’s not the case. There plenty of people from every race that struggles with something.

We need to get rid of this ‘race thing’. It needs to be a ‘human thing’

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5 Responses to "No such thing as ‘White Privilege’"
  1. barry irving says:

    ..what people who are awake assume because of your color is that you have the typical attitude of expectation and denial that most Whites have. Institutional Racism is still prevalent although it may not be out in the open and in your face. It is there in society very prominently.

    …don’t be naive…this country was founded on Race…george Washington was a Slaver, he had 800. 18 of the first American Presidents were Slavers and 12 while in office. None of us can escape the implications of history…but we can be just and that’s all that is required. Just because SOMEONE SAYS YOU ARE RACIST OR A BELIEVER OF WHITE PRIVILEGE DOESN’T MEAN THAT THEY ARE CORRECT. How you deal with this criticism is the only thing that matters. You sound embattled…that’s not good!

  2. tacco says:

    Talking in circles.

  3. Sharqueffa Shabooboo says:

    “White Privilege” is a term invented by racist Black Supremacists in the 70s. There is no such thing. If anything with Affirmative Action and Reparations, there is only “Black Privilege” in this country. Don’t believe the mainstream liberal propaganda. Don’t apologize for injustices you didn’t commit. And don’t apologize for being white.

  4. Aril says:

    Is it possible people consider you racist because of what you post and say not because of the color of your skin. White privileges is very real but you are completely misunderstanding what it means. It does not mean that there are not going to be white people who are homeless, or white people who are discriminated against because of their class, ethnicity or race. It does not mean that white People (count myself in that category) have it all perfect. All it means is that if you are trying to make an argument that the playing field is equal and we all have equal opportunity then you are missing the built in advantages that automatically come with fitting into the majority group. Not that every person gets to take advantage of that privilege. But if a cop sees a black person running down the street the first thought is “criminal” and he see a white personal running down the street his first thought is “jogger” now that is not the clearest anology. Research has demonstrated “white” sounding names on resumes are more likely to get a call back then the exact same resume with a “black” sounding name. Is life fair? Of course not. Is it fair to poor white people? Absolutely not. But even the poorest of white Person has some built in advantageous over others even if he is the at the bottom of the pile. Life still sucks at the bottom of the pile regardless of skin color.

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