No, Where Are You Actually From?

where are you fromShagun Doshi,
Naperville, IL.

Coming from a predominately rich, white suburb, and not being rich and white has been an interesting experience. While there is a lot more diversity within my community compared to many others, there is still a lot of hostility. The divide between white and every other race is very prevalent; as it is in many places throughout America. I never really got to know the people that surrounded me until I started working at the local Jewel-Osco. This job not only consisted of cleaning dirty bathrooms and pushing carts that were ten times my size, but I also encountered some of the most ignorant people that I lived amongst. I eventually lost count of the amount of times that people asked where I was from or started the conversation with some Hindi word that I didn’t know. The surprising part was that it wasn’t only old, white people that made such assumptions, it was also many Indian people. I was offended that even though I was born in America, had lived in Naperville most of my life, went to school in America, and saw myself as an American, people were still only looking at what I represented on the outside. While my Indian culture influences a lot of my values and beliefs, the American culture that I have been brought up into also attributes for my personality and views. So yes, even though my skin color and my ethnicity is 100% brown, I am actually from America.

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3 Responses to "No, Where Are You Actually From?"
  1. IIlI says:

    what were you expecting? you were working as a stock guy/girl at a supermarket. this wasn’t a lecture hall in harvard. your expectations are hilarious. do you live in the real world? obviously you will encounter ignorant people. that’s what most of the world is like. you have lived too sheltered of a life to know what reality is.

    • Janayn 'Melis' Evans says:

      She was expecting to be treated like a human being. Her expectations aren’t hilarious. They may be to you, but you haven’t lived her life. Lecture halls in Harvard can be just as ignorant. If you aren’t brown, you can only pretend to understand. Mocking someone’s experiences is petty.

  2. Emmy says:

    What exactly is American culture? As you age you will come to be grateful for the fact that you have a rich and well defined cultural heritage from which to draw, and that by your own admission has helped shape the person you are.

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