No you’re NOT Latina, YOU’RE white.

image11 (1)Karen Davis,
Cupertino, CA.

Recently, I was told by my closest friends that I am NOT latina I am white. I can not understand this because they know I speak fluent Spanish. My father was a migrant worker. My mother was from Mexico and her English was okay however it was obvious she preferred spanish.
What is at the surface for me is that because I have a Master degree, professional, successful, and do not have children, volunteer with non profit organizations to serve children all over the world, I no longer fit into their/societies perceptions of a Latina in modern society.
I am saddened my accomplishments and decisions professionally would discriminate against who I am. I desire other underserved Latina girls like myself to know there is hope. My passion is to inspire other inderserved children to overcome poverty and find their passion.
Removing me out of the “Latina” ethnicity would fail me on every level. It takes for granted the courage and perseverance that were necessary to make a different life from what I knew to be true, my reality as an impoverished child from parents with a 6th grade education.
When I am told what I am it undermines the perseverance and strength it took to build my precious life.
I will be pursuing my PhD next year. That does not take away my ethnicity and being the women my mother only dreamed of becoming….

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2 Responses to "No you’re NOT Latina, YOU’RE white."
  1. Cyrus BIshop says:

    Well there is not “Latino Race” As you mentioned that you are of the “Latina ethnicity” What Race are you then? Good luck on the PHD.!

  2. Middle World Witch says:

    Cyrus Bishop, perhaps this will help: Latino/Latina can be pure Native American (“Indio”), pure African, or bi- or multi-racial, with or without some percentage of “white” genes from Europe.

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