Nobody’s a racist, but racism persists.

Bozeman, MT

It’s clear from many academic studies that significant racism still exists in the United States. On the other hand, almost every American will vehemently deny being a racist. Often racism seems like a kind of disembodied force, a cultural ghost that we still can’t exorcise. It’s no wonder that some of the people who receive its abuse respond with unfocused anger.

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One Response to "Nobody’s a racist, but racism persists."
  1. Janedoe says:

    Law abiding smart citizens do not want to get caught and lose their job. People know what to say or how to behave in light of discrimination liability law suits. People are cunning…they will show racism through body languages, facial expressions or different tone of voices, and through social interactions in every day life. This is where it is gets very annoying. At the self checkout lanes at a store, non-whites are under more suspicion and watch you while you check out. Will ignore your presence, will not look at you while you talk, will ask you questions in a proprietorial manner. etc. It is all there. I am more interested in how people handle these situations. So that anger does not brew inside of you and percolate to surface in an ugly way.

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