I Am Not a Horrible Person

Angela Crites,
Riverside, CA.

It is ridiculous that in today’s society, white people are automatically deemed as “racists” with “privilege,” and are incapable of really being good, decent human beings and American citizens. I thought the goal of Civil Rights and everything that people like MLK Jr. fought for was EQUALITY, not a spreading of prejudice and discrimination to other people. I will not apologize for being white. I will also not excuse how the world used to be, but in doing so, I will recognize that it is primarily no longer that way. I will fight for equality wherever I go, and I will step in whenever I see unjust treatment, no matter the race or gender. But I will not be silent about being treated negatively and excluded from narratives and events simply because of the color of my skin- that’s called racism, and our country is above that. We are above that.


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