Not ‘Illegal’ – Human and Deserving Compassion

Tracy Loynachan,
Minneapolis, MN.

To me, the terms ‘illegal immigrant’ and ‘illegal alien’ are demeaning. These terms are used too frequently, especially when talking about Latinos. Immigration status is not part of the criminal justice system – it’s a separate legal system. While people may be undocumented, they are still people and deserving of compassion. The “Us vs. Them” mentality is saddening and, as a white woman, I feel I have an obligation to say something.

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5 Responses to "Not ‘Illegal’ – Human and Deserving Compassion"
  1. Sequoia says:

    The legal term for a foreign national who illegally enters the USA or illegally overstays a visa is “illegal alien”.
    Illegal alien is not a “race”.
     There is no such term in our nations legal system as “undocumented person”.
     That is an attempt to conceal the fact that illegal aliens have violated our laws.

    You are incorrect on a lot of your beliefs.
     Immigratiion status IS part of the criminal justice ststem, if you knew anything about federal law you would know that
    . It is a violation of US federal law for any foreign national to enter this nation illegally (and that includes “latinos”). 

     FYI, “Latino” and “Hispanic” are not a “race”, and the fact that you think “Latino” illegal aliens are specifically being demeaned, says a lot about your own prejudices.
    No specific ethnic group out of all  illegal aliens deserves special consideration, based on their  “race”, ethnic heritage, or nation of origin, they are all law breakers, and they deserve to be punished for breaking our laws, and  for disrespecting our nation and our sovereign borders.
    Illegal aliens certainly should not be held up on a higher plane than citizens of this nation.

  2. Guest says:

    Just because a term has been used historically, does not mean its use should continue.  Many who use ‘illegal’ use it outside the context of the legal system – I cannot count the times I have heard lay people use the term ‘illegals’ to intentionally demean people (and, yes, specifically to demean Latinos).  Further, many people confuse the terms ‘illegal immigrant’ with ‘criminal.’  They are not the same and should not be used interchangeably. This is not to mention that behavior is illegal – PEOPLE are not.

    Immigration law is a separate area of law, dealt with in the U.S. Federal Legal System. There are different remedies available in immigration law – the majority of which are civil in nature.

    Regardless of your personal beliefs about race and ethnicity, literally millions of people in this world identify themselves first and foremost as “Latinos.”  And no one is suggesting that undocumented people, no matter what race or ethnicity, be given preferential treatment.  What is being suggested – and what is moral – is to treat them with dignity.

    You may consider reading more about immigrant rights.  There are lots of great resources out there such as and
    You might also consider the immigration of your own relatives and how they were likely treated upon arrival.

  3. Sequoia says:

    My ancestors were here, where the USA is now, before the first Hispanic/Latinos arrived on this continent from Europe. It doesn’t matter what you want to call yourself, the fact is, there is no such “race” as “Hispanic”, or “Latino”.
    Entering the USA illegally is a crime, irregardless of  your personal opinon, or what spin you try to put on it.
    Every foreign national who illegally enters the USA has committed a crime, that makes them criminals.
    Overstaying a US visa is a crime, that makes those who commit that crime,… criminals.
    Being “Present In Violation of Law” is a crime every single illegal alien in the USA is guilty of. That makes every illegal alien a criminal.
    It is a crime to hire any illegal alien in  this country, all employers of illegal aliens are criminals.
    It is a crime to work any job in this country and not pay taxes, a large percentage of illegal aliens commit that crime.
    It is a crime to work any job in this country using fraudulent ID, and fraudulent social social security number, a large percentage of illegal aliens commit that crime.
    Even with an ITIN (IRS Tax number), every employee at every business, large and small is required, by law to enter a social security number on an I-9 form. That is a US federal government form. Entering a fraudulent number on an I-9 is a felony crime. Illegal aliens with, and without ITINs enter fraudulent social security numbers on I-9s to work here illegally. In doing so, they have commited a federeal felony crime, for which the penalty is a $250,000.00 fine and 25 years in federal prison, followed by manditory deportation with a felony criminal record, for illegal aliens who commit that felony crime.
    – Using false documents to be employed: A maximum penalty of 10 years without parole in federal prison and a fine up to $250,000.– Making a false statement on an I-9: A maximum penalty of 5 years in federal prison without parole and a fine up to $250,000.– Misusing a Social Security number: A maximum penalty of 5 years in federal prison without parole and a fine up to $250,000.– Making a false claim of resident alien status: A maximum penalty of 5 years in federal prison without parole and a fine up to $250,000.– Using false documents with intent to defraud the United States: A maximum penalty of 15 years in federal prison without parole and a fine up to $250,000.– Possession of false United States documents: A maximum penalty of 15 years in federal prison without parole and a fine up to $250,000.– Aggravated identity theft: A mandatory penalty of 2 years in federal prison to run consecutively to any other sentence, and a fine up to $250,000.
    In addition, illegal aliens who file taxes with ITINs and fraudulent social security numbers are fraudulently claiming earned income credit for their children, both US born children, and children they have left behind in their homeland nations, as well as entering bogus children dependents on the tax forms to rip off billions in EIC returns every year. This is out and out theft from the American taxpayers.
    Foreign workers with ITINs are NOT eligible for child tax credits. 
    Earned Income Tax Credit Rules:   To qualify for Earned Income Tax Credit or EITC, you….. must meet ALL of the following rules:
    1. Have a valid Social Security Number…

    ITINs are for federal tax reporting only, and are not intended to serve any other purpose…. An ITIN does not authorize work in the U.S. or provide eligibility for Social Security benefits or the Earned Income Tax Credit
    The ITIN is NOT a social security number.,,id=218782,00.html….

    Every illegal alien who has ever filed a tax form and claimed EIC for children (real or bogus) has committed a crime. That makes them all criminals.

  4. Rob says:

    an alcoholic doesn’t like to be called a drunk,
    a rapist doesn’t like be called a pervert
    doesn’t change the fact that they are.

    bottom line, if you are in any county illegally than you are an illegal alien.

    I understand the county you came from was a corrupt cesspool of filth and poverty. But there are people waiting in line ahead of you to come to this great county legally.

  5. barry irving says:

    …better to Do something. I don’t see the term Alien, but Illegal immigrant is accurate…undocumented is soft peddling an issue that is historically common place ( though illegal )and convenient depending on the whims of mainly White people who traditionally use Hispanic and Caribbean immigrants for Child care, housework, and other labor.

    …people have a duty to educate themselves and not let themselves be used. They also have a duty to have their citizenship in order. If you don’t learn or lift yourself and rely on underground activity that is expensive and dangerous, you can’t “EXPECT” sympathy from those who are here legally and still have struggles, some of which is the illegal entry into the country that we all pay for in one way or anohter.

    …If a poor family can raise 5, 10 or more thousand DOLLARS to pay a coyote to illegally transport them, they should be able to better their circumstances legally. IT’S A MATTER OF CHOICE AND PATIENCE.

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