Not all Latinos are Mexicans

AleIrlena A. Rodriguez,
Tucson, AZ.

Mexican is not a race, and not all Latinos are Mexicans. We have different cultures and ethnicity across Latin America. I am Latina and I am Colombian, Not Mexican. there’s a big difference.

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  1. Zuni says:

    My father is technically Latino being a citizen of Argentina though his ancestral homeland (which he is also citizen of) is European. I’m a dual a citizen of the United States where I was born to a Black mother and lived for 5 years as well as Argentina where I have resided the last 15-16 years. Argentines don’t consider themselves to be Hispanic or Latino rather they are European, “the Whitest country in all of the Americas”. There’s no Latin cultute at all and we don’t even get to feel apart of the South American identity

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