O.J trial + President Obama’s election

Brenda Curtright
Lenexa, KS

The true reality of the historical racial discord in America. During the O.J.Simpson trial and the election of our first Black President, I had never experienced the magnitude of hate and anger exhibited toward Black Americans. The history of these two separate events will be with me all the days of my life as well as a constant reminder to me as to where we are, in race relations in this country.

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2 Responses to "O.J trial + President Obama’s election"
  1. Iris says:

    OJ won the trial because a lot of whites would be at harms way from riots in CA. The president now is from a WHITE mother black father. He is no more black then he is white. Furthermore, he was VOTED IN AS PRESIDENT by a lot of WHITES as well as BLACKS and other races. With that said name one other race besides BLACKS that vote for someone just because they’re the same race as them… Just blacks. My best friend is black and she even told me that his first election when he won she was at a salon and a black female like herself started crying when he won saying we’re not going to be slaves anymore. Ridiculous!!! STOP with the I’m a victim bs. Black have a black miss America if whites did that it would be considered racist. All black magazines, EBONY… I don’t see IVORY, or mocha, BET… I don’t see WET. And furthermore blacks can joke and say whatever they want about Whites, Hispanics, Asians and even other blacks but if anyone else repeats it their a racist. Well get Dave Chappells show and all other comedy’s is other races might watch & pick up because we are all subjected to the same thing & we don’t want to hurt any black people’s feelings or make a book to all other races except blacks with the exception to mixed black & white and pale on WHAT YOU CAN & CANNOT SAY TO OR AROUND BLACK PEOPLE.

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