Oh, She’s Just Another White Girl

Phoenix, AZ

In youth we never noticed our skins were different shades.
We rode the same bus, lived on the same street, were in all the same clubs and classes, graduated high school in the same robes and cords.

I hope I’m not just another white girl to you, too.

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8 Responses to "Oh, She’s Just Another White Girl"
  1. Dbartoletti says:

    You and your friends were fortunate that you grew up where you did.

  2. Cduck930 says:

    I never knew what racism was until I went to school with black children and became the target of the racist ideas, instilled by the parents of these children. 

  3. GT says:

    Personally, I love this post.

    It is short, yet manages to sum up their thoughts on race and perception, developed through experience.

    The last sentence is especially powerful.

  4. Susan Dillon says:

    Best way to end racism: make friends with a person of another race.  I’ll bet the writer was not
    “just another white girl” to her classmates.

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