Wives of Shango

Wives of Shango by Jeff Donaldson. Courtesy The Brooklyn Museum.

The Race Card Project partners with The Brooklyn Museum!

The power of The Race Card Project is that it allows individuals to listen to each other. And in this case, it also allows The Brooklyn Museum to listen to its community and tap into the conversations that usually take place in private spaces.

The Race Card Project encourages people to condense their observations and experiences about race into one sentence with just Six Words. In this case, people sent us their thoughts after visiting The Witness Exhibition at The Brooklyn Museum. We have received thousands of these Six-Word stories from all over the world since the project began in 2011 and we are consistently amazed by the candor and emotional depth. So often when we talk about race the emphasis is on what is said, instead of what is heard.

You won’t agree with everything you see and hear in The Race Card Project. But you will learn about life as lived by someone else.

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