Only black woman in the room, again!

Dara Norman
Tucson, AZ

I’m a scientist…

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3 Responses to "Only black woman in the room, again!"
  1. John Moore says:

    Lol, that is the same with me. I’m in tech (programming/development) and I’ve only been in one job where I was NOT the only Black person in the department.

  2. Tim Childs says:

    It’s the same everywhere; if it isn’t racism, then it’s class like in England. Someone is looking down on someone for some reason, and sometimes the powerful can stop other people getting on, simple as that. We live in a deeply unfair and unjust world and all we can do is pray that God gives us the strength to get a decent life for ourselves, whilst not harming or oppressing anyone else along the way.

  3. Matt West says:

    Blacks are comfortable among their own kind. I get that. I feel the same way with my race.

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