You owe me because I’m black

image10 (1)Dana Armstead,
Houston, TX.

I reserve the right to use this card whenever I want.

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  • Brian Jr.

    For what? Nobody owes you anything. Be thankful you are here instead of dodging the ebola virus and drinking pond water in the motherland.

  • Suraska

    You are owed full rights as given to ALL United States Citizens. Nothing more or less. Other than that you are on your own to sink or swim.

    • ph

      Well stated.

    • ph

      Swim or sink. You are only owed what you have earned.

  • Miles Crossen

    I’m sorry you feel that way. Would you care to explain?

  • Jessica Harris

    Nothing is owed to you, just because of what happened to your ancestors, if that is why you say this. Nothing is owed to anyone. We all have to earn whatever we have.

  • harued

    I think what he’s trying to say is that with what is happening to blacks recently, there may be some people who abuse their being black and cry out “discrimination” so others will be very willing to come to their aid. That’s why I think this post is sarcasm.
    Or I could be wrong and he did mean what he said lol!


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