We were people, before the chains!

image24Gwen Montgomery,
Dallas, TX.

This country took a race of people and turned them into second class citizen. Many of our problems are a result of the oppression we went thru for hundreds of years. I’m afraid that the results of those actions may never be changed. We have been fighting every since we got here. Even a Black President can’t get respect.

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  1. Jay Dubya says:

    You said it. It kills me that people even have the audacity to say that “blaming” the past in not an excuse as to why we are the “way we are”, however the plan to pit blacks against each other and keep us divisive was just that–a plan. A plan that worked and is still working (as it was predicted to work for 300 plus years). This is credited to Willie Lynch.

    The problem is, just as a lot of us have forgotten our history, whites have too. Either that or they don’t want to remember it (which explains the push to only focus on “positive” U.S. history in our schools).

    • Brian Jr. says:

      Willie Lynch was a hoax. He never existed. Just another fairy tale.

    • barry irving says:

      …maybe you are doing OK, but a lot of your um, BROTHERS who don’t have education or social advantage are not. That is a fact…not an excuse.


      …we are a diverse group of ethnicities with different “everythings” when you look at life, philosophy, religion and social / political belief. That need to be acknowledged before anyone can expect a diverse group to act as one. one of the main problems is that people like you want to simplify everything and act like you’re OK and THEY need to change…you need some education to go along with those dreads!

      • Jay Dubya says:

        Only an ignorant and uneducated person would actually say something as stupid as “you need some education to go along with those dreads!” And apparently in your case, maybe jealous. But that is something I won’t be bother to go into.

        I’m glad this forum allows for all types of OPINIONS to be voiced. . .and that’s what my reply is. . .MY OPINION. YOUR opinion is what you voiced and not a FACT either. So typically people sharing their opinions means open dialogue. There is apparently no “right” or “wrong” answer but since you THINK you know so much about me and my “brothers”, I see there is no need to even have a conversation with you so I won’t even further waste my time with a troll.

        I honestly don’t even get the point of your post or your retaliation to what I said. Your logic seems flawed and contradictory in and of itself. I NEVER alluded to me being “OK” nor did I “simplify” racism or how to fight it into one measly paragraph.

        If you read CORRECTLY. . .I said I hate it when people tell us to stop blaming the past! The history of our troubles has NEVER ended. Race issues are very much alive and well in our society and I am a BLACK activist that fights against injustices that happen to US just because we are black. White people are in denial of that. I am not. I have the problems of a black man in this country because I’m black. I’m NOT okay. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of how lawmakers in the country have treated our President. . just because he’s black. READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. It’s more than just looking at the words. It’s about understanding them.

        But before I further digress. . .along with these “dreads” (locs for you misinformation), I also have a high school diploma, a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree.

        • barry irving says:

          …you should reread your comment, you obviously did not say then what you are saying now! BTW, I have what you have too….and you are right reading “and writing” is fundamental!

          • Jay Dubya says:

            C’mon dude. I ALREADY knew that instead of being a man about it and just stepping off or even apologizing for being wrong, that you would be a defensive prick. I knew exactly what I was saying when I wrote it. Just because YOU were confused and thought I was saying the exact opposite of what “Guest” understood perfectly, that’s on YOU. .. NOT me.

            If you don’t have anything constructive to say, get the hell off the page.

            You want to have the last word and I understand that. You need to save your pride. I can tell by the other posts that you’ve written in response to what others have said. I get it. I actually commend you for it. But in THIS instance, you are WRONG. It is okay to admit that.

            Because now the back and forth becomes about our personal issues and NOT about the subject at hand. So without further ado I bid you farewell “brotha”.

          • barry irving says:

            …got something for “YA ILLS”…
            …a cool water Samich, and a PILL!…LOL!

  2. Brian Jr. says:

    No one who is alive today was a slave. No one who is alive today owned slaves. While slavery was a disgusting practice, it has not taken place for quite awhile. It is time to move on. The most fair thing to do for everyone involved is for the government to pay reperations to all African Americans in this country. After payment is made, African Americans will be sent back to the motherland so they can be free from the evil white man.

  3. Dayton Waters says:

    What about the blacks who first put blacks in chains to sell to the white slavers? Do they get a pass?

    The President can’t get respect because he’s the single worst President in history. That has nothing to do with him being black. What DOES have to do with him being black is that a white man so unqualified as he would have NEVER been elected. Obama had never been in charge of ANYTHING before becoming the most powerful man in the world and yet people are surprised when he fails miserably at it. I am not. I have been a leader all my life and can spot ineptitude from across the street.

    He promised to fundamentally transform America, but no one asked him and no one has been able to answer me when I ask, “Which of out fundamentals needed transforming?” He is all rhetoric and division. When you take away all the bluster and the narcissism, all you have is incompetence. And incompetence knows no race and no race card can hide it.

    I have been a victim of racism all my life. It has been a continual struggle to overcome being white in a society where being white equals racist. I, for one, believe in the words of Dr. King and have raised my children to do so, as well. They fully understand that they will be judged by the content of their character and they should judge others by their demonstrated character. Neither the color of their skin nor that of anyone else grants them a pass for the absence of character. Your character is something you CHOOSE, not something handed down for generations. Values can be passed, like the values of honesty and integrity. But they can be abandoned. Honor is a gift one gives himself (or herself). Without accountability, there can be no honor. If you have no honor, you earn NO respect. Leaning on history to justify the bad behavior of today is a coward’s way out and will not be respected by me or anyone who has the character Dr. King spoke of.

    • barry irving says:


      …Tribal slavery is a different thing that did not and would nor affect the barbarity of the centuries old Slavery that European engaged in around the world.

      …your um, leadership was it?…LOL…can never in a zillion years compare to Mr. Obama’s Harvard Law Pedigree. Lets at least be serious. He was a Senator before becoming President and he won by using modern intelligence of the type that Romney and the rest couldn’t pull off.

      …He also had and still has a good cross section of the American public in his corner. The hype by media… every day harping on something, creates the illusion that he is crumbling under pressure… the fact is that he will complete his two terms and have his $5,000,000 Presidential Library and his legacy will continue. He will address the issues of Race and political Bias for the world to see from his personal perspective. Now those real issues can’t be addressed with the
      Mc Carthyistic atmosphere that today’s media hypers love.

      …The fundamentals of White Privilege…Conservative madness…Racial profiling…Societal inequality…Government waste of taxpayer money…ole’boy Washington politricks…Race based paranoia in International politricks…how am I doing?…can you handle these? These um, fundamentals need to change drastically and more!

      …You have neither the knowledge, the character nor the vision to address these GLARING Social / Political Blights THAT YOU MISSED BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT?

      …oh BOO HOO HOO for you, you poor underprivileged and oppressed White Man…sooo sorry for your plight. I hope that as your population advantage diminishes, you will be spared any more Racism by the descendants of Slaves who have so much power over you. Maybe you should be a Democrat…they have those bandaid programs for the underprivileged right?…LOL!

  4. barry irving says:

    …we are people now after the chains…History is ours to pursue and understand…that is the key to enlightenment ans seeing through the ruse of American culture and beliefs. What “THEY” did is victimize our ancestors…”we” are free to pursue whatever, REGARDLESS OF THE REMNANTS OF INTIMIDATING and VIOLENT RACISM.

    …as a professional advocate I learned that you can’t legislate change, and you never can be really sure how new insight is received. You have to be prepared to address change with solid reasons and info. Then you have to let evolution happen pushing only what is within your reach!

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