People of color are racist, too.

Lynn Lomibao
Los Angeles, CA

To clarify, my statement isn’t intended to create further divisions among “people of color” or to point the finger or to say that white folks aren’t racist. My point is to acknowledge that people of color can be racist, too. Case in point: I learned that people see me differently in kindergarten, when an African-American boy said “Chinese Japanese, dirty knees, look at these!” I had to ask my mom what he was talking about. And since living in L.A., I’ve heard more racist comments — particularly about Asians — coming from people of color, not Caucasians. It’s terribly sad to me …

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5 Responses to "People of color are racist, too."
  1. ElenaWill says:

    Good that you recognize this fact of life. How do we stop it in all cultures?

  2. JD says:

    Yep. All humans have the potential to be taught to be racist. So like ElenaWill asked, what do you propose we do about it?

    • Lynn says:

      Education, and in many cases, re-education. I just finished a book called “Skin Color: Its Biological and Social Meanings.” I highly recommend it.

  3. Beyoku says:

    Everyone is a “person of color” including pinkish pale albinos. Color is how the brain interprets different electro-magnetic radiation frequencies. Shine white light through an optical prism and all colors are separated like in a rainbow. Black is not a color. Black is the absence of light. Death to POC propaganda.

    • Lynn says:

      Skin color is also the first thing the eye notices, even before gender. I in no way intend to advance “POC propaganda.” Your comment would have been more useful to me, and probably others, had you not suggested that I am.

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