Plain ol’ white. No I’m not.

Quinn Woods
Detroit, MI

It’s always bugged me, that when it comes to filling out “race” on things such as applications, the only thing that applies to me is “white”. Others get to check their origin. African american, Asian, American Indian, Hispanic, Hawaiian Island or White. I’m not just white, I’m half Polish, a quarter French and a quarter Irish. I guess that makes me mixed race. But I don’t think thats what they’re going for.

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7 Responses to "Plain ol’ white. No I’m not."
  1. olblue9 says:

    Great card, Thanks.

  2. White Light says:

    I am descended from English, Welsh, and Scottish ancestors. That makes me mixed race!

  3. qmanrace says:

    You are not mixed race. I LOL hard when people think they’re mixed race bc they’re ancestors are from different countries full of white people.

  4. Pol says:

    hahahaha you think you are mixed race haha yeah I was born from dutch and german Im mixed race lol

  5. eve's daughter says:

    I agree…it seems weirdly discriminatory… as if ALL whites are alike?!? or all of any “race” is alike? We can’t be put in boxes.. I also get annoyed, as, to me, “race” isn’t about just color… I look white but I was born and raised in Japan… I FEEL Japanese… but I never get to put an x in the “asian” boxm even though that is where “home” is to me…heck, I’m more “asian” than those around here who LOOK asian!!

  6. Dracu says:

    The American Heritage Dictionary defines “Race” as: “…a group of people united or classified together on the basis of common history, nationality or geographical distribution: The German Race.” So, technically, you are correct to label yourself as “mixed race” of Polish, French and Irish ancestry.
    The common interpretation most people in this country use to define “Race,” however, is White, Black, Asian, or American Indian. More recently, Hispanics have been included in the “Race” terminology, probably due to the large numbers of Hispanics with mixed genetics from European, American Indian, Black or Asian ancestry. But, you should look more closely at today’s applications for employment and schools. Many have a box referred to as “Other.” There you can jot down your entire family tree, if you like. I don’t even mark off the damn things anymore. It shouldn’t matter. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t.

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