I Play The Card I’m Dealt

533778_2901186330400_110133679_nCedric Bedford-Chalale,
Oakland, CA.

Black people play the race card because that is the only card dealt to black people by white America. It’s a reality….

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6 Responses to "I Play The Card I’m Dealt"
  1. barry irving says:

    …we don’t play the Race card. That term is really a trivial one. It reduces the emphasis on the severity of racial attitudes and dismisses it. Race is not a Game…it is serious. Racism is the product of American History..period. We as descendants of Slaves had to and continue to deal with the inbred Racial attitudes that confront us on every point and on every day, in one way or another.

    …We have to be part advocate in this life. We have to be vigilant against Racial acts and situations in order to fight against it. To protest or advocate against it is NOT RACISM> You accuse someone of it and you get called racist…that’s absurd! Of course, your manner and your assessment is key to successful advocacy!

    • Cedric Bedford says:

      Never said it wasn’t serious…. Not sure how to answer to the second half since that’s something I do and agree on

      • barry irving says:

        …your opening sounded like an excuse…our existence here complete with issues all have specific contexts.

        • Cedric Bedford says:

          Right… Obvious we know we are more. Well some of us. I did not feel that was not on the table

  2. Cedric Bedford says:

    I don’t feel I am being treated as cattle, simply because even though this country has given us the one card to play I still manage to come out on top as have so many other black people in America. To me this just simply says WHATEVER card I’m dealt, my strategy is to win. Means challenging myself in all the systems of life. Racial, social and beyond.

  3. Helenofreims says:

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