Please Ancestral Kinfolk don’t say slave

Beatrice Okonjo,

Greetings most bless,

This African country (Djbout) is a most Black Country, and we have too many same problem. I was not Born in this country of my Father. My Mother was from Senegal of birth. I aspire to know of what race for us.

Dear make of card. America is so different and This continent so much of change and so people’s all kind and nations. We some time read of America and problems for the understanding. For translate or know of our kinfolk immigrate to be America to live for be Americans now.

We are confused and some of the time angry at those ancestor kinfolk which call them self Africans American. Not our People who have immigrated to America. Confused for them say were slaves so. We are esteemed Family of good people of the land and do not like hear word of slave. We have culture of work and different of peoples and place. My family take of peoples who labor. My family good people of land and do not wish say slave when you do not have in Our good culture. It is insult to Our race of People. The iklan know of us. The iklan happy so fertile, of our land.

Dear Africans America. Please to come and be blessed to our noble Country! Visit us kindly to see You call slave but such insult in culture. Such a ugly word. So ugly for beautiful land has people of ours. You do not know Our fine culture of good people! Such insult we do not understand. You must not say you are of class iklan or low caste. Come to us we do not say slave such bad word to say of. Our Family do not say slave for low caste man work us land. He is and his family is we say iklan they work for us. Our culture, they culture know us. It is their culture of place to be of work for Our Family. No shame of us!

To all dearest the blessings,

Beatrice Okonjo

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