Please! Ask before touching my hair.

Tiffanie Luckett
Washington, DC

I have had men and women approach me on public transit, in the streets of Washington, in restaurants and grocery checkouts, in nearly every domain of my life, and touch my hair without my consent. As a black woman with long curly hair, I feel like somehow people think my hair is public property because it seems novel to them. I am not a “Please Touch” museum. I am a person. And I have a right to only be touched when and where I choose. Always. I do not apologize for asking for my own space, though sometimes I have been tempted to ‘touch back’ and see how the offender takes it.

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  1. I love this. My daughter wears her hair natural in an afro with a big, thick hairband. Her hair is gorgeous. There are not a lot of 14-year-old African-American girls in Tulsa, Oklahoma wearing their hair natural, so my daughter has kids walk up to her all the time and touch her hair. I’m sharing this with her!

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