Police harassed undercover cop wearing hoodie.


I’d rather not share my name right now due to the sensitive nature of the incident. While working undercover, I decided to duck into a burger joint to get a bite. It was cold and drizzly outside. I was wearing a hoodie. I am Latino. It was about midnight. I admit that I looked rough in a rough neighborhood, but I wasn’t breaking any laws. As I was ordering, a large white cop approached me and told me to take off my hood. I asked him why and he said “because I said so”. I didn’t think he was serious and I tried to ignore him until he demanded that I take off my hood. I told him no. He grabbed my arm and attempted an arm lock on me to facilitate hand cuffing. He said that he would arrest me. I gave in. I was hungry, after all. I told him ok, and I took off my hoodie. He won. He went back and sat down with a colleague of his.

After I ordered, I walked over to him and sat down with him and the other cop. I gave him a piece of my mind as I tossed my badge on the table in front of him. They said that I should have told them I was a cop and they wouldn’t have treated me like that. I said “so you wouldn’t have violated my civil rights if you knew I was a cop?” They were speechless.

“You’re the reason people hate cops” I said to them.

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5 Responses to "Police harassed undercover cop wearing hoodie."
  1. N says:

    My question is, so if you know the hoodie brings “attention” why didn’t
    you just take the hoodie down upon entering the resturant? We can not go into a bank with hoodies up, hats on, or sunglasses on. Why would you believe that you wouldn’t be asked to put it down? I just don’t understand the insistence of making a statement wearing a hoodie what ever the color of your skin. I just don’t understand, is there an explanation?

    • E says:

      Since when is wearing a hoodie “a statement”? There doesn’t need to be an explanation, but if you insist, the first half of his story gives a fairly reasonable / compelling one: it was cold.

    • sonyajvanalsyne says:

      The hoodie only brings attention if the wearer is a male of color, this is the issue. I remember when wearing a hoodie was a simple act being sporty, or sheilding yourself from the cold. It didn’t make you suspicious, come to think of it for some it still doesn’t.

    • Mattie says:

      Are you kidding me!!!??? It is not a bank and It should not matter…If society decided that because some women carrying big purses stole things when they went into a store…that all women who carried big purses were thieves when they went into a store…There would be lawsuits galore against those department stores…

    • C says:

      What an idiotic/racist statement to make… There are so many different things that humans do in this world that will bring “attention”. So we should constantly alter anything that brings too much “attention”? Or are you truly suggesting that minorities* should alter the things they do/wear that bring “attention” ?
      After reading the story and writing a statement like that, there is no surprise to the fact that most people are so brainwashed by the media, government etc. that they will believe anything that they are told**.
      For you not to acknowledge that this behavior was completely wrong speaks tons about your mentality. Wake up…your are amongst the many sheep in the herd being misdirected.

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