Post-Racial? Stop. Look. Listen. Racism’s Here.

553195_10152032752592533_15042835_nKyle Alexander,
Rochester, NY.

Coming from a position a white privilege and having a large peer network of other white individuals. I hear a lot of quite muttering of “post-racial” society, and “I don’t even think about race, we’re all the same”. No. We’re not all the same and the only reason you are supporting a post-racial society is because your position of white privilege allows you to not be confronted with race every waking second of your life.

Racism may not be as overt as yesteryear, but racism is not gone. It’s still here. It’s here in the micro-aggressions that flood face-to-face and online interactions. It’s here in the white store clerk who passes by a black customer to serve a white customer. It’s here in the women who locks her car and rolls up her windows merely driving past children playing on Avenue D.
You may not “see” race. But what you are not “seeing” is your own inherent racism.

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3 Responses to "Post-Racial? Stop. Look. Listen. Racism’s Here."
  1. olblue9 says:

    So often we ALL see what we want to see.
    When we were young, we all marveled at the variety colors that we had on our arms. The backside of the hand was always darker than the palm. Playing together in the fields my skin burned and blistered. My friends just got a darker tan. We were all aware of our differences, but what we had in common kept us close through the years. We all shared lunch at the same table.
    The Government pointed out our differences and shipped us to different schools. We all became individual’s, each of us “the new kid” in our separate schools.
    I cannot help but think that if we had been allowed to stay together in our community school. Maybe everything could have worked out for the best.
    So many of the kids that I grew up with turned to alcohol, drugs, jail, prison…
    Back in our community school, we all knew and trusted the world. I felt like we were all going to make it…
    Then the State Police came and bused us out of our community, we all became segregated by color in our new de-segregated schools. With a bunch of kids that we didn’t know. This was the first time that I saw “white” kids eating at separate tables from ” black” kids. The Government worked hard to show how different we all were!

  2. barry irving says:

    …Post Racial Society was a cultural media seed to try and blow up just like Ebonics. All farce in reality.

  3. barry irving says:

    …um, What is White? …is there a nationality…ancestry before America that you came from just like every body else?

    …did you know some people who call themselves White today were not White less than 100 years ago because they were not White Anglo Saxon Protestant?

    …funny how things ch-ch-change!

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