Prejudice and Racism, a two-way street.

Boise, ID.

I honestly believe that racism and prejudice has become worse in the last couple of decades because it has become a two-way street. Ethnic “minorities” have pre-judged whites just as whites pre-judge them. Can’t we move on. I have met so many wonderful persons of diverse backgrounds and races …. and yes, in some cases because of my prejudice, I was surprised at what I found. It’s hard, but I’m trying to not pre-judge.

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4 Responses to "Prejudice and Racism, a two-way street."
  1. Truth says:

    Black people have a long way to go to end racism. You can tell just how far away from the end of racism we are by the amount of hate black people have for white people. Currently its taboo to even address black peoples racism. Imagine what that means. How long have we been addressing white peoples racism? From the 1960s? Here we are today and thats still the only part of racism that gets talked about. It angers black people to even bring up their hate. Weve got a long way to go.

  2. Franczeska says:

    “Ethnic “minorities” have pre-judged whites…”
    Ethnicity isn’t the same thing as race.

  3. barry irving says:

    ..the difference is that America is a fundamentally Racist society. Not always aggressively, murderously Racist..but Racist none the less. 18 US presidents were Slavers…12 while in office..that includes George Washington…the richest US President. He had 800. The founding Fathers had no plan to include people of color in American was about a free White society.

    …Ethnic Minorities? mean people?…yeah they prejudge White people from social experience…from habit. Whites do the same out of fear of change and indoctrination from institutional type Racism.

    Whites are the authors of it here..we react to it. To react is not to judge so it is not Racism. The Ethnicities in America are not of the same mindset so they cannot be equally Racist. one is racist…the others are reactionaries!

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