You’re pretty for a black girl.

Moreno Valley, CA.

This statement literally kills me . “Pretty for a black girl” I didn’t know “pretty” depended on your skill color . Goes to show how some look at “black girls” like their not good enough to be pretty.

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  • Sam Suzuki

    You almost certainly have non-black ancestors. You are very pretty.

  • Francisco Rendon

    I would tell you to come up with a witty remark for everytime someone tells you something so stupid again, but that might just add to the problem. Who knows though, some people need a reality check. You are pretty, no matter what race you are, no matter who your ancestors were, you are what modern day society considers attractive. Don’t let ignorant remarks let you forget that.

  • Rico Carlos

    You are gorgeous, period. But if anyone says “you are pretty for a black girl”, tell them “you’re pretty ignorant, girl” (or “boy” if it applies).

  • Brian

    Your beauty, is not only the color of your skin is the winning combination of your soul and destination (fire). Pretty for a black-girl= Wow, I’m afraid you’re going places.


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