Pride or crutch? Please decide now.

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One Response to "Pride or crutch? Please decide now."
  1. Julio Verde says:

    I really never felt guilty about being white until tonight after reading an article about how you should not be proud to be white because thats like being proud to be handed a full deck. I dont believe I was handed a full deck by any means (just because im white) yes my life may be easier than someone of color in the exact same place. I was born with multiple learning disabilities, a young mother who does not have a lot and an alcoholic father, I earned a lot of what I have and I dont think my “White privilege” helped me get to where I am today but yet I still feel guilty and a little cheated, because I know people would judge me based on my look (White, Blonde hair, Blue Eyes) before getting to know I struggled every day to get to where I am.

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