Privilege means responsibility to be better.

tumblr_mw6mpjuYrB1qj0tcyo1_500Morgan Lavandowska
Minneapolis, MN

As a 21 year old white woman, I have the privilege of being white that gives me power to do what others can’t. Instead of abusing that power, I prefer to try to help bring positive change to the world and, hopefully, help bring equality for all.

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One Response to "Privilege means responsibility to be better."
  1. barry irving says:

    …being of a Race is not a Privilege…it is a coincidental biological fact. I have an advanced degree in my field and am life time self employed…that is the fact of my education and ambition…i do what I want too. In the area that I work there are many Whites who can’t do what I do. That does not make me privileged over them. It means that I have experience that makes me the best candidate for the job that I do!

    …if Race is a Privilege that allows you to do what others can’t…then you know what that makes you right?

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