My privilege: not guilt, but Responsibility

Portland, OR.

I use the Race Card project framework to update my racial autobiography occasionally, so it changes over time. Right now, I am struck by the urgency to unpack my White privilege and not waste time or energy on guilt. I didn’t make systemic racism but I know it exists to engineer some folks toward, and others away from, opportunity and advantage. I have to be actively taking it apart in my work and life. Daily.

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2 Responses to "My privilege: not guilt, but Responsibility"
  1. Brian Jr. says:

    I can’t believe so many people have fallen for the “white privilege” scam. I am amazed that such a ridiculous idea has gotten so popular among the professional race hustlers and self-hating white liberals.

  2. Martin Kuc III says:

    Non whites have every basic liberty that whites have held. But yet claim some racist white institution is holding them back. My question to minorities is…Has a white person ever directly stood in youre path to success? From going to school? College? working and getting paid the same as others? are you paying more taxes because youre black….?

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