Race adopting outside Race,…. least racist.

Tod Carey
Laguna Woods, CA

In my 66 years,.. I don’t recall seeing an Hispanic couple with their adopted Black baby in the baby carriage. I can’t recall ever seeing an Asian couple walking down the street hand in hand with their adopted White child. For the life of me,… I don’t remember ever seeing a Black couple with their adopted Asian baby. Why not?

Am I mistaken by claiming never to have seen a celebrity, except for whites, adopt outside their Race? Seeing a white couple with their adopted child of a different Race would hardly warrant a second glance today.

So,…. if a comprehensive survey were done to determine which Race adopts the least outside their Race and which Race adopts the most outside their Race,… and which Races are in the middle,… Whites would be shown to be the least racist. By observing human nature and various cultures through extensive traveling, my conclusion is that Asians (in their heart of hearts) are probably the most racist and Blacks, Hispanics and Middle Eastern folks are competing for the middle spots.

Some folks may say that this adoption observation doesn’t really prove a thing. Yes it does.

Some folks might also suggest that this would only prove ‘white guilt’, subconscious or not, based on some sociological need for redemption. Nonsense. The reason for this observable fact, is,… Whites ARE the least racist. After all, Obama would not be our President, twice, without White folks.

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6 Responses to "Race adopting outside Race,…. least racist."
  1. mssaelja says:

    After all, Obama would not be our President, twice, without White folks. Really? Are you aware that white folks are the voting minority and thank God, all others minorities (now the voting majority) can cancel out their racial choices. I never saw Rodmey or Palin’s respect for minitories. White folks tried all forms of evil to suppress the votes in this election but lost. Again, testament to the new majority voters, American minorities.

  2. PoFloTrin says:

    I don’t think any one race is more or less racist than another.  I think you’ve raised an interesting observation, but I wouldn’t chalk it up to inherently less racism among white people (or more racism among other races)

  3. Lindalajara says:

    White guilt for adopting babies of other races?? Thats absurd. The adoption process in general is difficult and expensive and the people willing to invest both heart and money are doing so out of sheer need to fulfill a need too strong to ignore or why bother…any other assumption is ignorance….a baby that does not look like mommyr daddy is not status or politics, it is genuine desire with no thought of anythingmore than the help of adjusting well and being happy.

  4. Yunnanababy says:

    There are many causes for your observation, most of them of a cultural nature, but I do not believe it is correct to draw the conclusion that whites are less racist because you see more of them adopting babies of other races/ethnicities.  I am a white woman, whose partner is a black man and we have two adopted Asian children. Needless to say, in the heart of the Midwest, the looks of confusion we get wherever we go, mostly from white folks, are boundless. Racism is alive & well among folks of all “races” everywhere. 

  5. adnama79 says:

    The wait list for a white baby is long and the wait list for a non-white baby is non-existent.  Many non-white babies that are available to be adopted do not get adopted. 

    Quote from article in the link:  “Part of the reason for the adoptive imbalance comes down to numbers, and
    the fact that people tend to want children of their own race.
    African-Americans represent almost one third of the 510,000 children in
    foster care, so black parents have a relatively high chance of ending up
    with a same-race child. (Not so for would-be adoptive white parents who
    prefer the rarest thing of all in the foster-care system: a healthy
    white baby.)”


  6. Matthew Laforest says:

    Some whites but obviously not you. ALSO white people by a percentage are more likely to adopt and be able to adopt

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