Same race, different continent, new identity.


Who are the real Americans? Why do we have African Americans, Asian Americans, Chinese Americans, Korean Americans, but not English Americans, German Americans?

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  • White Light

    English descended Americans used to be simply called Americans. Now, we are going to be made into a minority in the country that was once ours.

    • lavendula

      You guys were made into a minority a long time ago. But, nevertheless, this country remains as Anglo as ever in language, in culture, in emotion, and in every other sensibility. Fear not: the place is still thoroughly yours.

  • lavendula

    We do have German Americans. We have hundreds of ethnic groups in America, but all of us are real American. Just because some of us find value in our ethnic or cultural heritage does not mean we aren’t real Americans.

  • history

    Really why not English Americans? Is it because they founded this country or is it because they don’t have a tag. For example why African American, why not just American. In AA history class we have been learning about those “Tags” and how society see ethnic groups.


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