Race is irrelevant: I’m just HUMAN

330562_10101075751432389_1236398638_oRabab Ahmed,
Stamford, CT.
“Where are you from?” is a question I used to proudly answer to when I was younger. Although I always had to clarify, “no, it’s not in India. It’s a small country right next to India.” But as I got older I found the question tedious and sometimes puzzling. It wasn’t just because I became a balance of the two and thus couldn’t understand the need to differentiate between them, but also because I found I could answer that in so many ways. Am I being asked where I “originally” came from? Where I was born? Where I grew up? Or where I moved to in the United States, making it my pseudo-hometown? Bangladesh. Saudi Arabia. Long Island, New York. If you ask me my nationality, it’s American. Bangladeshi-American, if we want to employ hyphens and specifics. I was born in Dhaka, spent a greater part of my childhood in Bangladesh as well as Saudi Arabia. And then New York. And now I’m a resident of Connecticut. A Connecticutian, if you will.
Yes, I’m “Bangladeshi-American.” But that is only a portion of who I am, where I’m from, what I’m all about. I’m a human being – of the Human race; I’m of the Earth. That’s really all that matters to me. You just want to know where I’m from to see if I might have an accent, if you can define what kind of interests I might have, what kind of family I might be from, and what kind of person I likely married. But it really just doesn’t matter because I’m not of one race or two – I’m of all the races combined, just like the rest of you are.
Race is irrelevant.

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2 Responses to "Race is irrelevant: I’m just HUMAN"
  1. Proud Kazakh says:

    I hate when the first remark a person makes, when I mention I’m from Kazakhstan, is about Borat! I want to punch the person in the face right there for being insensitive or trying to make stupid jokes. Hello I just met you, why are you trying to hurt my feelings? Imagine if when meeting a Desi person for the first time, I would immediately say “India? Oh, you guys are so poor and dirty and poor people are one the streets in millions.” or “America? People are fat like pigs!” I don’t do that, right? I don’t try to throw you off. Why do you mention Borat? He filmed Romanians, not Kazakhs. Next time, someone hurts me with Borat, I hurt them about where they are from!

  2. barry irving says:

    ..well, I know where you are coming from but that POV is or can be just as arrogant as any other Racial POV. It’s very altruistic. Race certainly matters. It is one thing that defines people in their uniqueness. The human race thing is one for the future when we all evolve further or unless you are at a New Age Gathering.

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