The only race without a country

Snapshot_20150704_91Denise Smith,
Birmingham, AL.

Who am I, and where do I belong,
Who am I and why can’t I sing my own song,
Why in order to be accepted, must I talk like you,
Why must I walk and sing your song too,
Who am I and where do I belong,
Did you not know that there are many thrones,
Bedded inside me are gold and pearls,
Me and my people are from a different world,
There is a deepness within me that’s fighting to be,
Fighting for freedom that I can taste but never see,
The love that I have in my heart,
The forgiveness that I’ve given from the start,
Who am I and where do I belong,
It was you that brought me here and now you want me gone,
Who am I and where do I belong,
I’m the only man on this planet called earth,
That does not have a home,
Leave me and let me be,
The pain is much to bear,
You do’t have to love me,
Just asking that you treat me fair,
Who am I and what country do I belong,
I am of the dark skin race
That does not have a home

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